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  Mission statement:

The primary focus of this website is acupuncture, one of the most fascinating healing traditions in the world. However, this website is not intended to advocate acupuncture or promote an acupuncture practice.

The rationale of the information that we offer here is to give you accurate data about the basics of acupuncture, dispel myths, and provide you with new up-to-date developments in the field, without promotional or commercial bias.
We hope that it will be of interest to medical professionals and useful for patients.

This web site is 'a work in progress'. Enhancements and changes are forthcoming. Suggestions and comments are appreciated.
  Greetings from the editor

I am Dr. Alex Tatevian. I am lucky. I like what I do.
Acupuncture is my profession, specialty and life-long passion. I have practiced acupuncture for more than 20 years and I am still challenged by it. Acupuncture is much more complex than needles. Acupuncture blends ancient wisdom with new scientific paradigms, leading to a more complete knowledge base.

I will be happy to guide you and share my experience.

I want to extend sincere gratitude to my patients for inspiring me to contribute time and effort to put together this site and to the staff for their dedication and support. Special thanks to Lisa Dean for her assistance in editing and to our web developer Vlad Shabalin for his technical expertise

  Copyright policy

Please, feel free to copy and use this material with the proper reference. This courtesy is expected.
Thank you.

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