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DoctorGetWell's Monthly Column
Dr. Alex Tatevian has maintained a monthly acupuncture column in the health section of the Federal Hill Gazette since 1999.      
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  Federall Hill Gazette; November 1999

I have daily headaches and have been taking pain medication for quite a few years. Now I've got a stomach ache from it and I am sick and tired of the pills. Can acupuncture help me?

   Acupuncture can help by eliminating the pain and reducing the amount of medication that you need. Serious illness must first be ruled out, of course. Please bring a copy of your medical records. Having daily headaches is exhausting and terrible, but the good news is that they most likely are tension headaches. I have had very good success treating patients with this condition. I promise you that you will feel better.

I see a physical therapist regularly for my back pain and get temporary relief. I want to try acupuncture. Do I have to quit everything else?

   No, you don't have to quit. You will benefit the most from the integrative approach of medicine, and acupuncture may be a crucial element to increase your chances for recovery.

I know that each acupuncture session is $50-65 and I am not sure I can afford it. Do you accept Health Mate 2000?

   Yes. Your co-pay is only $10 per session.
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