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DoctorGetWell's Monthly Column
Dr. Alex Tatevian has maintained a monthly acupuncture column in the health section of the Federal Hill Gazette since 1999.      
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  Federall Hill Gazette; January 2000
I am receiving chemotherapy for cancer and I suffer terribly from nausea and I don't know if I can take it any more. May be acupuncture can help?

   Acupuncture is very effective for treating all kinds of nausea: seasickness, morning sickness and nausea as side effect of chemotherapy. The procedure is quite simple and, as usual, painless. Most importantly, it will help you to go through the chemotherapy protocol, which is essential in fighting cancer. Consult your physician. Oncologists are very supportive about engaging acupuncture in the situations like yours.

I am trying to loose weight, but it is so difficult to stay on the diet. Is there some "easy way"?

   Acupuncture will control cravings, so whichever diet you choose will be easy for you. And please remember: loosing weight rapidly is dangerous for your health, it makes you look older and it is senseless, you will gain it all back shortly. The best pace is 1-2 lbs. per week. My patients loose 15-25 lbs. in 2-3 months.
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