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DoctorGetWell's Monthly Column
Dr. Alex Tatevian has maintained a monthly acupuncture column in the health section of the Federal Hill Gazette since 1999.      
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  Federall Hill Gazette; March 2000
I am a 55 year old woman and I have had chronic fatigue for six years. I've been through conventional medicine and physical therapy and still feel like I'm sleepwalking through life. My neighbor has had acupuncture for fibromyalgia and it has helped her to feel much better. Can acupuncture work for chronic fatigue?

   CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), fibromyalgia, and chronic pain syndrome have a lot in common, or perhaps they are the same condition named differently. As you know, there is no instant cure for it. The most effective way to approach it is to combine acupuncture with a conservative medicine. The number of success stories is growing. This condition is not uncurable and the symptoms are manageable.

My ten year old daughter has asthma and we have visited the emergency room many times. I read that acupuncture can help treat asthma. Is it safe for children?

   Yes, it is. Of course, children are apprehensive at the first visit. I take time to make them feel comfortable, confident, and after they try acupuncture they love it. They are often less nervous than adults about acupuncture. Asthma is a classical indication for acupuncture. Children tend to respond very well.
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