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DoctorGetWell's Monthly Column
Dr. Alex Tatevian has maintained a monthly acupuncture column in the health section of the Federal Hill Gazette since 1999.      
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  Federall Hill Gazette; February 2003

Hip pain

I am a 53 year old female. My height is 5'4" and I weigh 165 pounds.
   I am having joint pain and stiffness in my hips. I notice this after sitting awhile or upon getting out of bed in the morning. After I am up and walking the pain and stiffness seem to disappear.
   …What could be causing the discomfort in my hip joints?

   The way you describe your hip pain and discomfort, it appears to be caused by two most likely reasons: Either it is due to local problem – arthritis in the hip joint (s). Please keep in mind that degenerative arthritis of the hips is quite common and does not necessarily cause pain.
    The second reason may be a chronic back problem with irradiation of pain to the hip area and along the lateral aspect of the thigh. It is usually nagging and stubborn pain and stiffness, especially in the morning and after long sitting, and it forces you to change position frequently.
   It is not “typical” sciatica” with acute pain, which comes from L5-S1 spinal segment.
    The source oh the problem that manifests as hip pain can be located in the upper lumbar spine: L3-4-5. This should be given a serious consideration. Please contact your physician for medical opinion.
    Finally, the possibility of osteoporosis, if exists, not likely to be linked to you resent discontinued hormone therapy. However, taking multivitamins and minerals in moderation is justified and will do no harm.
    If you think that you are overweight, please remember that loosing weight too rapidly can weaken your muscles that support spine integrity and make it worse.
    Regarding acupuncture: most of my patients with hip pain get better from acupuncture and usually are pain free after 10-15 sessions.
    With best wishes,
   Alex Tatevian, DA
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