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  Articles by Alex Tatevian
Continuing Education Conference Provides Acupuncture Education Opportunities
by Alex Tatevian, DA
Southern New England Health Care Review; 1999, Vol. 9-12;
Rhode Island requires its licensed acupuncturists to have 20 hours of continuing education per year, along with 2500 hours of education and training prior to licensure. These requirements are among the most stringent in the country. Professional development is furthered through programs that the Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine sponsor.

Acupuncture is becoming an integral part of mainstream medicine.
Acupuncturists must learn conventional medical terminology and concepts to practice compatibly with physicians.
This integrative approach is practiced at University Anesthesiology Pain Management and Acupuncture Center in Pawtucket. Dr. Hittner and her staff integrate acupuncture into the treatment of patients with chronic and acute pain.

Acupuncturists treat patients with multiple sources and symptoms of pain. Most patients simultaneously receive treatment from physicians and acupuncturists. Acupuncture professionals recognize the need to integrate their care with conventional medical therapies for their patient's benefit. Professional development offerings are increasingly satisfying this need.

I recently attended a Pain Management conference in San Diego with acupuncture professionals from around the country. There was a pronounced emphasis on understanding and practicing integrative medicine. A lively panel discussion with physicians and acupuncturists debated the transdisciplinary assessment and team approach. However, no one debated the common goals of patient care: to improve function, reduce disability, eliminate medication dependency, decrease health care system dependency, and decrease chronic suffering.

Alex Tatevian, DA
Southern New England Health Care Review; 1999, Vol. 9-12;
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