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Needle counterpoint: Acupuncture eases its way into modern medicine
...The ancient theory holds that Qi moves along meridians, or channels, in the body, nearing the surface at some 350 "points." Each point corresponds to a different aspect of the body or the spirit. A needle inserted in the point can adjust the flow of Qi to the affected system, restoring balance and thus health. ...

...Alex Tatevian, an acupuncturist who was a medical doctor in his native Russia, has no doubt that "there is actually something moving in there."

"We can't identify what it is," Tatevian adds. "That's why we call it Qi, which makes doctors puke."

In Russia, acupuncture is regarded as a specialty of medicine, and Tatevian learned it in a postgraduate program. When he emigrated to the United States in 1991, he found that acupuncture here is "alternative medicine" and that it would be difficult for him to practice both.

So he chose acupuncture because he believed it had more potential. "Acupuncture is the most remarkable opportunity to advance the medical field beyond what it is now," Tatevian says.

"Putting acupuncture in the position of alternative medicine creates a lot of problems," Tatevian adds. "Acupuncture is most effective if combined wisely with conventional medicine." ...

From "Needle counterpoint: Acupuncture eases its way into modern medicine", Providence Jornal, 02.11.2001
By FELICE J. FREYER Journal Medical Writer
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